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why the fuck is eli still in pictures and promos

you were supposed to be gone TWO seasons ago

god damn fucking leave 

he’s like spinner

The problem with posts like this is people are going to come back and say why are Drew, Imogen,. still there. I’m happy Eli is back :)

except imogen hasn’t had half the amount of screentime eli or drew has had lmao that argument is invalid :)



when the supporting cast is more interesting than the main character of a series



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Fuck you, Degrassi. Fuck you and your sexist bullshit. Two women can’t sustain a meaningful bond flourished from a shared traumatizing ordeal can they? Nooo, you have to pit them against each other with some stupid, superficial reason at the center of it as heaven forbid girls ever not be catty with each other on this show. Because surely some stupid cheerleading shit is important enough to impede that of a truly deep and meaningful bond these two young women shared when Becky stood up for Zoe when she was raped. The erasure of that is just unacceptable. FUCK. YOU.

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hmmm so they replace imogen’s cat ears only to make a new character wear ELF ears? 

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Another new cast photo

Another new cast photo

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smearle’s commentary on the video is my reason to be alive atm


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why the fuck is eli still in pictures and promos

you were supposed to be gone TWO seasons ago

god damn fucking leave 

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okay so that music video was god awful

the only thing i got out of it was


imogen’s turning into a witch, clare has two baby daddys, drecky is still nasty as fuck, zoe and frankie aren’t making out yet, zig gets chased by the gang, miles is probs adopted and thankfully maya is irrelevant for once. 

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my interest in degrassi returns at 4 am omg

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Anonymous asked:
please sign on more!! i miss your posting and sassyness D:

aw bae  i will make it more of a preogative to sign on! i’ve just been so swamped with school and other personal shtuffff.

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